B4RN Community

B4RN is all about community and we need community support in every area into which we expand. This comes in the form of investors, local volunteers and supportive landowners. Communities have so much to gain; not only faster broadband for families, schools and businesses but also a provider that cares about service to its customers and returns all its profits to the community!

Profits For The Community

B4RN is a non-profit 'community benefit' society. Its running costs are easily sustained and as a community benefit society, its profits can only be distributed to the community. Projects like village hall refurbishments, community group trips or protected wildlife areas will all be able to apply to B4RN for grant assistance.

Jobs For The Community

In recent decades rural areas have suffered from a reduced number of job opportunities, but reliable high-speed Internet gives businesses and homeworkers in our communities an advantage. We love the idea that this can lead to more job opportunities so young people don’t have to move away! More young families mean better support for local schools, post offices, village shops… altogether a more sustainable community.

Although B4RN was founded wholly by volunteers in its first years, to ensure we retain long term knowledge, professionalism and stability we now employ our core technical and office staff. These are local jobs largely taken by local people who have already proved their ability and commitment. As B4RN grows, we intend to create more jobs throughout the B4RN area including here in East Anglia.

Schools, Churches, Village Halls

Places of worship are all offered a basic B4RN service for free. Schools, which can be very heavy users will not only benefit from our fast, unlimited service but will be charged at a rate which is far cheaper than any other provider. Small village schools may qualify for discretionary pricing. Village Halls also benefit when they volunteer to host one of our cabinets, for which they receive free service!