B4RN Simulator

This simulator can be useful for comparing the effect various speeds obtainable elsewhere in your parish, with national norms or promised at some point by another broadband supplier.

Speed Demonstration

The various options on this demonstration represent different sized downloads and uploads and different download and upload speeds. An explanation of the options is given below.

View Web Page
This represents a typical page that might consist of up to a thousand words and have a half a dozen good sized images plus many icons and other small graphics. (3MB)
Download High Resolution Photo
This represents a single photo from a typical modern camera of around 16 Megapixels, especially if set above default settings (10MB)
Download App
These can vary significantly in size. Here we assume a reasonably large application for mobile phone or Windows 10 (100MB)
Download XBox Update
The initial setup of an Xbox may require a major update of its operating system. these can be larger than a typical app. (10GB)
Download 4K Movie
The latest TV and video standard can be expected to become the norm in the near future. (50GB)
Upload 25 Photos
Here we assume an upload of a set of 8MB image files to Facebook, Flickr or other photo sharing site.
Upload HD Movie
This represents a 90 minute home movie of your latest holiday or your daughter's wedding you wish to share on YouTube or Vimeo (5GB)
Compare with
The first figure represents download speed, the second upload